Project Write-ups


During an audit the global cash management division of one of the largest banks in the world was informed their fixed asset ledger required better compliance.

The Asset Group developed a plan to survey assets at numerous sites, recording necessary attributes includes location, manufacturer, model, serial number, age, etc., perform data entry in a reliable database environment and validate the assets against the ledger.



A large Midwestern hospital that was building a 1,000,000 Sq. Ft. facility retained The Asset Group to integrate installment validation and tagging with its procurement software including an automated feed from the medical equipment consultant’s procurement database into the hospital’s procurement software, physical inventory and barcode scanning design and implementation for tracking assets, and an automated feed into the hospital’s fixed assets module.


When a New York advertising firm was planning its relocation it retained The Asset Group to inventory, barcode tag and evaluate current furniture assets for potential reuse. The data was prepared (including condition assessment and digital pictures) and delivered to the firm’s interior designers who used the data to plan reuse and develop the furniture purchase requirements for this prominent project.

Corporate Headquarters

The Asset Group recently designed fixed asset management policies & procedures, implemented asset tagging, fixed asset sub-ledger association, and performed physical verification of $50,000,000 in vendor invoices for a new 1,200,000 square foot corporate headquarters. TAG also wrote custom barcode terminal programming specifications to integrate scanners with the company’s workplace management system.