About Us

The Asset Group, Inc.

The Asset Group, Inc. provides enterprise asset management services for corporations, institutions and healthcare facilities. Its use of time-proven procedures and effective technology to provide accurate and usable information has made The Asset Group one of the leading experts in this field.



The Asset Group has been responsible for the inventory of billions of dollars of assets since 1992. Clients have included: world headquarters of Fortune 100 companies, Federal and State governments, universities, hospital and healthcare organizations, and international legal, banking and trading firms. The Asset Group has worked with numerous accountants, IT and facilities managers to provide timely and accurate information regarding assets.


Service Area

Headquartered in the greater New York area, The Asset Group assists organizations throughout the United States.


What do you need?

The Asset Group approaches each project on its own merits. It strives to match client needs with appropriate services, helping organizations maximize value. Some need a simple inventory or the assistance of those with experience; others need an enterprise-wide solution. Whatever your need, The Asset Group will strive to deliver quality to your organization.